Why do Chromebooks not have a delete key?

  1. Launching chromebook was Google’s first attempt to come into the hardware design industry like Apple and to compete with the other competitors.
  2. Google describes the Chromebook as a machine designed specifically for people who live on the web and this is the key to understanding what Chromebooks are all about.
  3. So their main intention was to make it compact in design .
  4. In chromebook, DELETE as well as CAPS LOCK buttons are missing, but it has the functionality for deleting the words as well as for caps locks too.
  5. For Delete Key – Use ALT + Backspace
  6. Caps Lock – ALT + Search Key (When caps lock is on, you will see an icon on the end of the taskbar)
  7. If you want to have a permanent easy solution? You have one such option with the caps lock key. You can make the Search key your caps lock key.
  1. Moreover, hold the Control key along with these keys to delete words instead of individual letters. Hence, Ctrl + Alt + Backspace = Delete words.
  2. Anyone that’s suffered through the pains of using and maintaining a Windows machine should appreciate the Chromebook’s simplicity.

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