What is the best site to download free ebooks? A Case Study-2021

free ebooks download

I know everyone has their list of ebook sites on here, so as an avid reader im going to give my top 3 go to websites for free ebooks.

1. Top Shelf Book

Quality free ebooks.- while there are tons of sites that offer free ebooks the books at top shelf book tend to be of a better quality and more desirable to read

No Sign up – One of the most annoying things a bookworm can encounter is to finally find the free ebook you want only to be met with a long sign up process to download it.

User Friendly/Multi platform – Its amazing how sites can offer such a great service not make it easy for the user to access the content. top shelf book will still look beautiful and function perfectly no matter what device your on. Computer/Tablet/Phone

Author Upload – If you have written a book and want to gain publicity as an author or just want to have your book read and reviewed by a large group of people, top shelf book allows authors to upload their books and have them published to the site.

Book Availability – Top shelf is only about a year old, so its a fairly new site. While new books are added daily it still doesn’t have the amount of books as an older ebook site would.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is probably one of the most well know free ebooks sites around. For the most part they have a wide selection of classic ebooks (some written hundreds of years ago), however they do have a few books that are a little more recent.

No Sign Up – All you need to do is find a book you like and download it directly to you device. No sign up required.

Lot’s Of Books – They have over 50,000 books available to download and over 100,000 through sites they partner with.

Site Design/Not User Friendly – While Project Gutenberg is a great site to download free ebooks it can be the searching part that’s unpleasant, especially if you’re using anything other than a desktop or laptop. The design of the site is outdated and not responsive.

3. Amazon.com: Free Popular Classics

while this is usually my last choice amazon does have a section with free ebooks.


Pretty good selection – While they don’t have an enormous amount of free ebooks they do have some good books from up and coming authors.


Have to use kindle¬†– I know there are many people that love kindle, but I enjoy reading on many devices and don’t always want to have a kindle app on all of them. There is one app in particular that I like to read on and I can’t download the free amazon books to the app because you can only download the books to the kindle app.

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