I deleted a picture on Instagram. Is there anyway I can get it back? A Quick Look

How to recover deleted Instagram photos 2021

Instagram is a more than 10-year-old social media platform, launched way back in 2010 and its current active users are more than 1 billion people across the world.

Instagram is the sixth most visited website in the world and has the 4th most users of any cell phone application. More than 80% of users are outside of the USA and it has more than 120 million Indian users alone which is the most by any country so far.

Here are some solution to the problem that was asked in a question. If someone can recover deleted Instagram photos or posts or pictures. Let’s have some look on the answers given below:-

1. Instagram has no Recycle Bin / recovery features

The first thing to keep in mind is that Instagram doesn’t have any obvious recovery options. Unlike Google Photos, it has no Recycle Bin.

Photos and videos are stored on the Instagram server even after deletion for an indefinite term (legally, they have to), but according to the regulations,

2. Check Instagram Archive feature

In 2017 a new feature was integrated into Instagram, which is Archive Posts. It’s great because:

  • you can hide any photos and stories from being seen by anyone,
  • any ‘deleted’ photo can be retrieved in two clicks.

Basically, Instagram Archive feature can be compared to a Recycle Bin – a location where your files are temporarily stored. Till you empty it, your photos will be available for quick recovery and share. Subsequently, as soon as you delete a photo from Instagram Archive, you lose guaranteed recovery of your content.

3. How to see deleted Instagram pictures on your phone




It makes sense that photos can be stored on your phone both before and after you share them online (unless you’ve deleted them). The locations where you can search for copies and recover deleted instagram pictures are:

  • Android Gallery
  • DCIM/Camera folder
  • Downloads folder
  • other user catalogues you save your images to

For quick search use any file manager with convenient filtering and flexible search.

4. Use recovery soft to find deleted pics

Forget about the Instagram server. Say, you can’t get your deleted photos from there. There’s a universal method of local files recovery. To use it follow the steps:

  1. Try to recall where your photo was stored (see above),
  2. Install a recovery tool,
  3. Scan the location for deleted files,
  4. Save found images.

5. Recover photos using your Google account

Many Android users use Google Photos or Samsung service to store their photos and are not aware of that. So it makes sense checking if there is a backup copy in the cloud.

For this:

  1. Navigate to Google Photos from your account,
  2. Examine the content of all the published albums if you have any,
  3. Check if the Recycle Bin contains any of your photos shared on Instagram.

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