How do I reset a Windows 7 password without logging in?

There are 2 options you can use to reset your Windows 7 password without logging in.

Option 1. Reset Windows 7 password with safe mode

Step 1: Start or restart your Windows 7 computer. While it’s booting press F8 to enter the Advanced Boot Options screen.

Step 2: Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt by “↑” and “↓” keys.

Step 3: You will directly get into the built-in administrator and the Command Prompt window.

Step 4: Run the command Net User <Username> <New Password>.

When it displays “The command completed successfully”, you have successfully executed the command and reset your Windows 7 password to a new one.

Option 2. Reset Windows 7 password with Software

Except for the safe mode, you can also use third-party software to reset Windows 7 password without login in. I will take google as an example. Here are the main steps:

Step 1. Download software from another accessible computer. Use a USB/CD/DVD to create a bootable password reset disk.

Step 2. Take the disk to your locked Windows 7 computer. Enable it to boot from your USB.

Step 3. Choose Windows 7 account, enter a new password, and reset Windows 7 password successfully.

That’s all about my answer. I hope you can solve your problem soon.

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