Best way to Start a Conversation With a Girl Online 2022

Let’s take a look at how to start a conversation with a girl online or offline. Here are some of the tips that you really need to follow. Have a look.

  • Look at her finger. Is she wearing a ring? Look at who she’s with. Is she with her bf/gf? If the answer to any of these two questions is yes, move on. That train has left the station. Don’t sweat it. There’s another one coming..and another one after that.
  1. Don’t stare. Look at her from an angle you think she’ll catch your eyes. Do you wanna get caught checking her out. If she looks at you for more than 2 seconds, give her a genuine half-a-smile. Look down like you are shy, then look back up again, but with a confident smile, and a head nod. This makes it hard to figure out. Chicks dig it. If you are forcing, it becomes creepy. So practice in front of a mirror.
  2. Look away, but DO NOT turn your back on her. If she looks, she should be seeing your face from the side. Have a sip or two. Don’t rush it. …6 Mississippi …7 Mississippi.
  3. Look at her again. There’s a pretty good chance that she’ll look back at you. If she doesn’t, maybe she didn’t see you look or she’s ignoring you. Either way, you need confirmation. Go back to #1. Try it again.
  4. When she looks at you, turn your body straight at her as you give her a big smile this time. Again, practice makes it not creepy.
  5. If she smiles at you, there’s your opening. Don’t let the eye contact fall as you smile. Hold.. as long as she does. Hopefully, it was a full 2–4 seconds.
  6. Look at her feet, then look back up again very quickly. But, this part is a bit tricky. You don’t do this when they are making eye contact. Ever. When she breaks eye contact, do it for no more than a second. Even if she didn’t directly see you do it, she’ll also look at her feet. That means she is still noticing you through her peripheral. It’s a mind game that I invented for myself. I don’t know if anyone else does this.

So far about 10–13 seconds have passed since you first half-a-smiled at her.

  • Walk over to her confidently, with your best smile. Make sure she knows you are coming over. So, walk up not too slow, not too fast. Confidently. But not from her front. That makes it harder for her to gauge the distance, and you look intimidating. Approach her from a 45-degree angle. Don’t look at anything else. Not the other hot girl behind her, not the bartender, not her friends, not your friends, nobody. She’ll now notice everything you do from this point on. So be careful.


  • When you are near her, it’s time to notice her body language. This is the most difficult part. Not only you have to read her body language, but you also have to do this without actually looking at her body while you are walking. Practice, practice, practice. Do it on strangers while not looking directly at their bodies. After a couple of hundred times, you’ll get really good at this. Trust me!


  • Notice if she’s has a defensive posture, or an open posture. Because your ice breaker will have to change based on this information.


  • If she has an open posture, then it’s easy. That means she’s not hesitant about talking to you. As you smile, you introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m Dean. I’ve been meaning to come over and talk to you about your next vacation. OK, that was cheesy.. Hi, I’m Dean, you look really great today.” Extend your hand.


  • If she has a defensive posture, you’ve gotta get creative. Your opener should break them out of their defensive mode. Notice the environment. Say something that will turn her attention away from you for just a second. Then grab her attention back immediately. “Look! There’s a puppy behind you! Oh wait, never mind. She’s at my place.” “Hi, I’m Dean.”


  • EDIT: I forgot to write about the typical conversations that 95% of the guys initiate. Like – “Oh tell me about yourself.” Or “So what do you do?”, or “Oh you live in Queens. Cool! me too. Whereat?” Do not, and I repeat, do not engage in this kind of conversation. It’s bland, boring, uncreative, and makes girls want to shoot you, and then themselves. You say stuff like these to her, and next thing you know some other dude is buying her breakfast! You don’t have to tiptoe around her. She ain’t the President. Carry yourself with confidence! She is lucky to be talking to you, not the other way around. Be respectful, but speak your mind. Be creative. Have fun. What about that new DJ who looks like Kenny Loggins and Conchita Wurst had a baby! Listen to her, then respond with something funny that comes naturally to you. It really doesn’t matter too much if you got good jokes or bad jokes. Everything becomes cute and funny if she actually likes you.


  • Know when to exit. Surprisingly it’s not very common knowledge among most guys, but knowing when and how to decisively end a conversation is just as important as knowing how to initiate it. She’s on her phone too much? She’s looking at everything else but you? Her friends are f-ing annoying? Get her number if you want for future rendezvous:wink: wink, but get the hell away. She’s not worth your time. You will also save a lot of money. If the conversation is going well, more power to you. Hope you make a ton of babies. If not, there’s no point in wasting her or your time. Catch the next train.



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